Burger Van Hire

Burger Van Hire

If you are looking for burger van hire then eddy leisure can help we have been hiring burger vans for across the UK for 30 years.

When looking for a burger van for your event we know it can be scary as there is a lot of bad burger vans out there, but when hiring from Eddy Leisure you can rest a sure that all our burger van a kept to a VERY high standard and of course all have a 5 star food and hygiene.

All our burger vans are high out put burger vans, this means all our burger vans can cater for large amounts of people.

We have multiple burger vans for hire for your event, please take a look below.

Burger Van Hire Photos

Burger van hire cost

There is a number of things to consider when calculating the burger van hire cost.

1. Number Of Guests

The number of guests is the biggest factor when it comes to calculating the cost as the more guests you are wanting us to serve the cheaper we can charge per head.

Depending on how many guest you are wanting us to serve also will affects the staff cost as more quests means we will need more staff.

To give you are a idea of how many staff we will need for the number of guests please see below.

0 – 100 guests = 1 – 2 staff

100 – 200 guests = 2 – 3 staff

200+ guest = 4 or more staff

2. Length Of Serving Time

This is a another imported factor in calculating the burger van hire cost.

The reason the length of time effects the total cost is because the staff are paid hourly so the long the serving time the more we will have to pay our staff.

We can serve what ever times you prefer but we can normally serve your quests in 2 hours but if you would like to have more hours serving this is perfectly fine. All events are different so we will work with you to create the perfect serving times to suit your event.

3. Time Of Day

The time of day effects the cost of the burger van hire because is you are wanting a burger van to serve past 10pm we will have to pay off staff extra for the unsociable hours. If the event is in to the early hours we might have to have over night accommodation for our staff.

4. Day Of The Week

The day of the week effects the cost as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the most wanted days so we will need to charge or going rates, but if your event is through the week we might be able to do the event cheaper for you.

5. Chosen food

The chosen food you want us to serve will affect the burger van hire cost.

Please see the large menu below for the list of foods we can serve for your event.

Burger van hire menus

Please take a look below at all our menus at what we can supply for your event.

German sausage unit

Bratwurst | Bockwurst | Krakheur | Krakheur with cheese | Frikadelle | cumberland sausage | fries (curry + gravy) | Potato wedges (served with a selection of dips) | Hot & cold drinks

Burger unit

1/4 beefburger | 1/4 cheeseburger | Jumbo sausage | Jumbo sausage with cheese | Hotdogs | Chips (curry + gravy) | Hot & cold drinks

Pie & peas unit

Pork pie | Mince beef pie | Chicken & mushroom | Pies | Mash potato | Gravy | Mint sauce

Carvery unit

Pulled pork | Pulled beef | Roast gammon | Turkey

All can be served with or without stuffing, apple sauce, fried onions, mushrooms or cranberry.

All served in a freshly made baked baguette or roll.

Chinese noodle bar

Fried noodles | Chicken curry | Curry sauce | Sweet & sour chicken | Beef in black been sauce | Prawn crackers

Indian Unit

Chicken Korma | Jalfrezi | Madras | Rogan josh | Masala | Rice | popadoms | Onion bhaji

Ice cream

Mr whippy style  ice-cream | Soft scoop ice-cream


Vanilla | Strawberry | Mint choc chip | Chocolate | Toffee

With syrups, flakes, Fudge and sprinkles

Slush unit


Tropical | Red bull | Raspberry | strawberry | Irn bru | Coke

Speciality coffee unit

Cappuccino | Latte | Mocha | Espresso | Hot chocolate

With or without cream or marshmallows and or a selection of syrups orange, mint, vanilla, toffee and ginger

Other drinks

Tea | Decaf tea/coffee | Horlicks | ovaltine | milkshakes

Traditional sweet stall

Candy floss | Toffee apples | Cinder toffee | Nougat | popcorn | Giant lollipops | Giant liquorice whips | Marshmallows | Flying saucers

Home made sweet unit

Home made fudge | Home made toffee


Freshly made doughnuts with sugar or Belgian chocolate milk, dark or white.

For more info on our donut vans please go to our donut van for hire page.


Freshly made sweet or savoury crepes | Belgian toasted waffles

Served with or without nutella or fruit & cream

Belgian chocolate fountain

Banana | Strawberry | Choc fudge brownie | Mini doughnuts | Fudge | Marsh mallow

Frequently Asked Questions

Burger van hire prices? As each event is different it is hard to give a cost. Please send us the following for a quote, event date/dates, event times, event location, number of people catering for and what food you are wanting for your event.

Do you have 5 star food and hygiene? Yes all our burger vans have 5 star food and hygiene and are tested annually.

Do you need power for your burger vans? No we will supply or own power as it takes a lot of power for our units and we will need to use our own generators.

Do you hire burger vans for tv/film sets? Yes we can cater for tv/film sets anywhere in the UK.

Can we use your burger vans for promoting our products? Yes we can use your products.

Burger van hire locations

 We hire burger vans in Bath. Bedfordshire. Berkshire. Birmingham. Bradford. Brighton and Hove. Bristol. Buckinghamshire. Cambridge. Cambridgeshire. Canterbury. Cardiff. Carlisle. Castleford. Cheshire. Chester. Chichester. Cornwall. Coventry. Cumberland. Derby. Derbyshire. Devon. Doncaster. Dorset. Durham. Durham. East Yorkshire. Ely. Essex. Exeter. Gloucester. Gloucestershire. Hampshire. Hereford. Herefordshire. Hertfordshire. Huntingdonshire. Kent. Kingston upon Hull. Lancashire. Lancaster. Leeds. Leicester. Leicestershire. Lichfield. Lincoln. Lincolnshire. Liverpool. London. Manchester. Middlesex. Milton Keynes. Monmouthshire. Newcastle upon Tyne. Norfolk. North Yorkshire. Northamptonshire. Northumberland. Norwich. Nottingham. Nottinghamshire. Oxford. Oxfordshire. Peterborough. Plymouth. Pontefract. Portsmouth. Preston. Reading. Ripon. Rutland. Salford. Salisbury. Sheffield. Shropshire. Somerset. South Yorkshire. Southampton. St Albans. Staffordshire. Stoke-on-Trent. Suffolk. Sunderland. Surrey. Sussex. Truro. Wakefield. Warrington. Warwickshire. Wells. West Yorkshire. Westminster. Westmorland. Wiltshire. Winchester. Wolverhampton. Worcester. Worcestershire. York. Yorkshire. This is just to name some but we cover all of the UK.

If you are interested in hiring any of our burger vans please contact us.