Carousel Hire

Carousel Hire

If you are looking for carousel hire in the UK then eddy leisure is here to help.

Carousel hire is one of our most popular rides for hire as it is a amazing choice for any event.

What is a carousel ride?

A carousel ride is a vintage funfair ride with horses and carriages for people to ride as the carousel goes around and around. The horses on the carousel go up and down to make you feel like you are riding a real horse.

All carousel rides are painted with vintage funfair style artwork and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular for weddings. The carousels give you amazing fun for all your guests but also give you amazing opportunities for photos.

carousel hire
carousel hire

Carousels offer amazing photo opportunities as you can see with the photos below, perfect for the wedding album.

Cheap Quotes

Please keep in mind when you are shopping around for carousel hire prices that you will sometimes come across cheap quotes. To achieve cheap quotes something has to be cut, for example maintenance costs so the rides are not kept to the best quality or it could be the salary of the staff and as they say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. This all adds up to providing a poor services so please choose a a supplier you can trust.

All the rides and equipment we provide are all kept at a very high standard. All rides are tested annually and have £10 Million Public Liability Insurance. All staff are polite and trained to give a professional service.

carousel Hire Info

Setup time: 6-8 hours

Take down time: 2-3 hours

Space needed: 50ft x 50ft

All our carousels can play the classic carousel music if you choice to have it.

Power needed: We will supply our own super silent generator as the waltzer ride needs a lot of power and can not operated on standard power sockets.

Entrance Needed

The entrance needed for the carousel ride needs to be a minimum of 9ft wide. The entrance also needs to have good access as the ride is trailer mounted and is transported by a large vehicle, so it needs to have enough room to be able to maneuver.

If the venue is a field and the entrance is soft we can also supply trackway mats if needed. We can supply up to 20 trackway mats for free to get the carousel to the setup location but if you are needing more we will have to charge for the extra trackway mats.


The carousel ride is setup by a highly trained team that can setup the carousel ride in amazing time (approx 6 to 8 hours) regarding the amount of work that is needed to setup the ride. To setup the carousel the team will need a setup space of  50ft x 50ft. The ground does not need to be completely flat but it will help the team setup and take down the ride much quicker.

If the setup location is a soft field we can setup the carousel on the trackway mats we will use to get to the setup location. This will help prevent any damage to your event field.


When operating the carousel ride you have the option for us to play the classic carousel music and this is at no extra cost.

One of the best things about operating the carousel ride is that it is operated manually and not by computers as most rides are now. This means we control the speed of the ride so we can send each ride to the speed you prefer. This is very helpful so all your guests will get to enjoy the carousel, young and old.

How much does it cost to hire a carousel for a wedding?

For us to give you an accurate quote we will need more information on your wedding. Please see below on what we will need to give you a quote for your big day.

Carousel Hire Cost

Average hire cost: £POA

There is a number of things to consider when calculating the carousel hire cost.

1. Length of operating time

The length of operating time is one of the big factors when calculating the cost. The standard hire times for carousel hire is 6 hours hire and 8 hours hire but we can give you a quote for as many hours as you like.

The reason the length of time effects the total cost is because the staff are paid hourly so the longer the serving time the more we will have to pay our staff.

2. Time of day

The time of day effects the cost of the carousel hire because if you are wanting us to operate past 10pm we will have to pay our staff extra for the unsociable hours. Also if the event is in to the early hours we might have to have over night accommodation for our staff.

3. Day Of The Week

The day of the week effects the cost as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the most in demand days so we will need to charge or going rates, but if your event is through the week we might be able to do the event cheaper for you.

4. Location

Location affects the hire cost as the more miles we have to travel to the event the more in will cost in fuel. We will also have to pay our driver staff for the extra time they spend traveling. If your event is to far for us to travel do not worry as we have partners all across the UK, so we can always give you the lowest quote for the best high quality carousels.

5. Number Of People Attending The Event

The number of people at the event is a factor in hire cost because the more people we need to accommodate the more staff we will need. The more staff will help us provide a better service when at a event with a large number of guests.

6. Difficulty Getting To The Setup Location

This is a factor on pricing because if it is very difficult getting to setup location it could take us a lot long to setup and take down the carousel. Also if it is a long distance to the setup location from where we can park our vehicles we might need more staff to help with moving of the equipment.

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If you are interested in the hiring the land train for your event please contact us for a quote.


Frequently asked questions

Carousel hire price? As each event is different it is hard to give a cost, please tell us your event info and we will send you the best quote we can do for your event.

How long does the carousel take to setup and take down? Setup time is approx 8 hours and take down time is approx 3 hours.

Can the carousel be setup on grass? Yes we can set up on grass as we have army track way boards we can drive on, so if the field is soft we can still get to the location and set up and not mark the field.

What space is needed? We need a space of 50ft x 50ft.

Do you need power? No we do not need power as we have our own super silent generator to power the carousel and this is in with the price we will quote you for your event.

Can the carousel music be on or off ? Yes, the music can be on or off.

Can children ride a carousel? Yes but they have to be accompanied by a adult at all times.

Do you hire carousel for wedding? Yes we hire carousels for weddings, birthday parties and all other special occasions.

Do you hire carousels for tv and film? Yes

Carousel hire locations? We hire carousel rides in Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cheshire, Coventry, Derby, Derbyshire, Doncaster, England, Essex, Halifax, Harrogate, Hull, Lancashire, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Northampton, Nottingham, Oxford,Reading, Milton Keynes, Scotland, Sheffield, Stoke On Trent, Surrey, Wakefield, Wales, York, Yorkshire, this is just to name a few but we cover all of the UK. .

Why Carousel hire from us?

Because we are Affordable & Reliable.

When hiring from us you know you are hiring from a trust suppler that has been in the business for many years.

All our staff are trained and uniformed.

We never will let you down.

Eddy Leisure can supply anywhere in the UK and still be affordable.

We have annual events we attend every year that proves we do our job to the best of our ability.

We hire more than just funfair rides, you can hire everything you need from us so you do not have to use loads of companies.

If you are interested in hiring from us please contact us.

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Carousel Ride History

The modern carousel we all know today started in the mid-19th century when the platform carousel was developed; the animals and chariots were fixed to a circular floor that would suspend from a centre pole and rotate around. These carousels were called dobbies and were operated manually by the operator or by ponies.

In mid-19th century England, the carousel became a popular fixture at fairs. The first steam-powered mechanical roundabout, invented by Thomas Bradshaw, appeared at the Aylsham Fair in about 1861.

Soon afterwards, English engineer Frederick Savage began to branch out of agricultural machinery production into the construction of fairground machines, swiftly becoming the chief innovator in the field. Savage’s fairground machinery was exported all over the world. By 1870, he was manufacturing carousels with Velocipedes (an early type of bicycle) and he soon began experimenting with other possibilities, including a roundabout with boats that would pitch and roll on cranks with a circular motion, a ride he called ‘Sea-on-Land’

Savage applied a similar innovation to the more traditional mount of the horse; he installed gears and offset cranks on the platform carousels, thus giving the animals their well-known up-and-down motion as they travelled around the centre pole – the galloping horse. The platform served as a position guide for the bottom of the pole and as a place for people to walk or other stationary animals or chariots to be placed. He called this ride the ‘Platform Gallopers’ . He also developed the ‘platform-slide’ which allowed the mounts to swing out concentrically as the carousel built up speed. Fairground organs (band organs) were often present (if not built in) when these machines operated. Eventually electric motors were installed and electric lights added, giving the carousel its classic look.

Information source Wikipedia