Charity Bungee Jump

Charity Bungee Jump

If you are looking for a charity bungee jump this is something Eddy Leisure can help you with.

When you are wanting to raise money for a charity, a charity bungee jump is a amazing way to do this. On average a sponsored jumper can raise £200-£400 for the charity of their choice.

Organizing A Charity Bungee Jump

The best way to organize a charity bungee jump is to hire the reverse bungee and sell tickets for each jumper. The jumper can pay for the ticket from the money they have raised to do the jump or they can pay for it their self, it is up to the jumper.

To get sponsored for their slingshot shot challenge is easy. All they need to do is download our sponsorship form below and then ask their family and friends if they will sponsor them for the charity slingshot ride challenge.

We can also provide on-ride video of the jumps on the day. The video is recorded on a gopro 3 and is saved to a micro sd card. Each video can be purchased on the day the event. We would need to know if the jumper is interested in a video before the jump, as the camera is off until the camera is turned on for each video.

If you need help organizing the event, this is something we can also help you with. If you would like help please let us know.

Reverse bungee jump stats

Height (structural): 32 metres/105ft.
Max height (in use): 45 metres/150ft.
Width: 22.5 metres.
Depth: 8 metres.
Weight: 27 tonnes.
Capacity: 2 persons per ride 20 jumpers per hour.
Transport: 1 semi-trailer.

Below is some photos of the reverse bungee jump.

Frequently asked questions

Charity bungee jump hire price? Please send us your event details and we will send you the best quote we can do for your event.

How long does the bungee jump ride take to setup and take down? Setup time is approx 8 hours and take down time is approx 3 hours.

Can the bungee jump ride be setup on grass? Yes the reverse bungee jump can be setup on grass. If the field is soft we also supply trackway hire so we can still get to the setup location.

What space is needed? We need a space of 90ft x 50ft.

Do you need power? No we do not need power as we have our own super silent generator to power the slingshot ride and this is in with the price we will quote you for your event.

Charity bungee jump hire locations: We hire our bungee jump for charity events in Bath, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Canterbury, Cardiff, Carlisle, Castleford, Cheshire, Chester, Chichester, Cornwall, Coventry, Cumberland, Derby, Derbyshire, Devon, Doncaster, Dorset, Durham, Durham, East Yorkshire, Ely, Essex, Exeter, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hereford, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Kingston upon Hull, Lancashire, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Leicestershire, Lichfield, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesex, Milton Keynes, Monmouthshire, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Norwich, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Peterborough, Plymouth, Pontefract, Portsmouth, Preston, Reading, Ripon, Rutland, Salford, Salisbury, Sheffield, Shropshire, Somerset, South Yorkshire, Southampton, St Albans, Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Suffolk, Sunderland, Surrey, Sussex, Truro, Wakefield, Warrington, Warwickshire, Wells, West Yorkshire, Westminster, Westmorland, Wiltshire, Winchester, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Worcestershire, York, Yorkshire, this is just to name a few but we cover all of the UK.

Do you have bungee jump ride locations? No, we are a mobile slingshot ride and we can setup anywhere there is space to do so.