Funfair Ride hire Prices

Funfair ride hire prices
Funfair ride hire prices

If you are looking for funfair ride hire prices please take a look at the guide prices we have given below.

Please keep in mind when you are shopping around for funfair ride hire prices that you will sometimes come across cheap quotes. To achieve cheap quotes something has to be cut, for example maintenance costs so the rides are not kept to the best quality or it could be the salary of the staff and as they say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. This all adds up to providing a poor service.

All the rides and equipment we provide are all kept at a very high standards, all rides are tested annually and have £10 Million Public Liability Insurance. All staff are polite and trained to give a professional service.

Below we have given some guideline funfair ride hire prices for the different types of rides. If you would like a accurate quote for your event please contact us. If you would like to see what rides we have available please see our funfair hire page for all the rides available in the UK.

Large funfair ride hire price

Large rides are the more expensive rides as they are transported by large vehicles and new a team of trained workers to setup, operate and take down the rides. 

The large ride normally take approx 4-8 hours depending on what ride it is and approx 2-4 hours to take down again depending on the type of ride. 

All large rides come with their own super silent generator as they take a lot of power to operate. 

The average cost of a large ride for operating for up to 6 hours is £1500 to £3000 depending on the ride. Some of the largest funfair rides are on average £10,000 to £15,000 but that is only the very large funfair rides that take multiple days to setup and take down. 

Children’s funfair ride hire prices

The children’s funfair rides are more cost effective as they can be transported by a 4×4 or large van. Also the children’s funfair rides do not need as big of a team to setup and take down so this also help lower the cost. 

Children’s funfair rides on average take 30 minutes to 3 hours to setup depending on the ride. The children’s rides can come with a super silent generator to power the rides but if you can provide the power then is will help lower the cost. Most children’s rides can operate on a standard 13amp wall socket. 

The average cost of the children’s funfair rides for up to 6 hours is £350 to £1200 depending on the ride. 

What Effects The Price

Somethings that can affect the cost of the hiring of the rides is location, number of operating hours and difficulty of the entrance and setup location. 

At eddy leisure we have multiple bases across the UK but if your event is at a location we can not cover we have other company’s we work with who can supply you with the high quality funfair rides. All the other companies we work with keep their funfair rides to the highest standard just as we do. 

If you are interested in hiring any funfair rides or are interested in the rides attending your event please contacts us