Funfair Rides For Hire

Funfair Rides For Hire

If you are looking for funfair rides for hire in your area then this is something we can help you with as we have partners all across the UK, so no mater where your event is we can cover it.

If you are not sure on what funfair hire you need for the space you have we can help please contact us to discuss what we can supply for your event.

All our equipment is of a very high standards and so is our partners across the UK, all rides and activates have full insurance, tested annually and come with fully trained staff.

Take a look at all the funfair hire categorise below.

Family Funfair Rides For Hire

If you are looking for family funfair rides for hire we have a huge selection, please see all the family rides below.

Family rides are suitable for all ages so it makes them very popular for all kinds of events.

Below is a list of our most popular funfair ride pages

Carousel Hire | Dodgems Hire | Ferris Wheel Hire | Helter Skelter Hire | Waltzer Hire

Please take a look below at all the family funfair rides we can supply for your event.

At some events we know the entrance is some times a issue for trailer mounted rides but if this is the case we have some family rides that are not trailer mounted and can be carried to the setup location. The family rides that can be carried to the setup location are the traditional dodgems and the helter skelter ride.

Childrens Fairground Rides For Hire

Wherever you are in the UK and searching for children’s fairground rides for hire then Eddy Leisure has got your back.

We have a huge selection of children’s fairground rides for hire all across the country.

Children rides are an amazing addition to any event.

Children’s fairground rides are very good when space is a issue as they are much smaller and take up much less space at your event.

When the entrance is a issue at your event we have some children’s rides that are not trailer mounted and can be setup in location that other rides can not. If this something you need for your event please let us know and we can recommend some rides for you.

Large Funfair rides for hire

Now if you are looking for large funfair rides for hire Eddy Leisure is here to help.

The large funfair rides are the most thrilling rides we have for hire.

Frequently asked questions

Funfair ride hire prices? As all events a different please contact us and we will send you a quote for your event. For a quote please send us the following: event dates, event times, event address, number of people attending and what you are wanting to hire for your event.

Do you hire funfair ride props for tv and film? Yes all the rides and games on our website are for hire for tv and films.

Do you hire your funfair rides for weddings? Yes all the rides and games on our website are available for hire for Weddings, birthday parties and all other special occasions. Our most popular rides for these types of events are carousels, ferris wheels, helter skelters, dodgems.

Where do you supply rides in the UK? We hire rides all across the UK so wherever your event may be we can supply you with any funfair ride you like.

Can funfair rides be setup on grass? Yes all the funfair rides for hire can be setup on grass. If the field is soft we also supply trackway hire so we can still get to the setup location.

Funfair ride hire locations: We hire funfair rides in Bath , Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton and Hove, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Canterbury, Cardiff, Carlisle, Castleford, Cheshire, Chester, Chichester, Cornwall, Coventry, Cumberland, Derby, Derbyshire, Devon, Doncaster, Dorset, Durham, Durham, East Yorkshire, Ely, Essex, Exeter, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hereford, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Huntingdonshire, Kent, Kingston upon Hull, Lancashire, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Leicestershire, Lichfield, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesex, Milton Keynes, Monmouthshire, Newcastle upon Tyne, Norfolk, North Yorkshire, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Norwich, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Peterborough, Plymouth, Pontefract, Portsmouth, Preston, Reading, Ripon, Rutland, Salford, Salisbury, Sheffield, Shropshire, Somerset, South Yorkshire, Southampton, St Albans, Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, Suffolk, Sunderland, Surrey, Sussex, Truro, Wakefield, Warrington, Warwickshire, Wells, West Yorkshire, Westminster, Westmorland, Wiltshire, Winchester, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Worcestershire, York, Yorkshire, this is just to name a few but we cover all of the UK.

Funfair rides for hire
Funfair rides for hire

Eddy Leisure

We are a family run business and we love working with all our clients all across the UK.

We have been in the entertainment business for 3 generations of our family and we are still here doing what we love as we form long relationships with our clients and provide them with equipment ever year.