Helter Skelter Bar Hire

Helter Skelter Bar Hire

The helter skelter bar hire is a full size working light house helter skelter with a fully equipped bar at the bottom.

The bar is fully equipped to handle small and large amounts of people and is fitted with a hire output draft system.

When hiring the helter skelter bar you are hiring a fully working light house helter skelter + a mobile bar. If you are only wanting to use the bar and not use the helter skelter this is perfectly fine but the price will be the same.

If you are looking for a show stopping mobile bar, what can be better than a 45ft helter skelter bar. Nothing!

Helter skelter bar hire photos

Take a look at all the beautiful photos of the helter skelter bar below.

helter skelter bar

Helter skelter bar hire options

We offer 2 types of hire options for the helter skelter bar, please see info on both options below.

Free Bar

How it works:

Decide on what drinks you would like us to serve and how many and we will give you a quote for your event.

The quote will include the hire of the helter skelter bar + the use of the helter skelter, drinks, staff and our travel costs.

Our free bar can also been turned into a cash bar after the paid drinks have finished, if you choose to do so.

Free bar hire is perfect if you are wanting are cash free event.

Dry Bar Hire

How it works:

If you are organizing a event and wanting a beautiful unique bar then you can hire our helter skelter bar and serve your own drinks + the use of the helter skelter.

Helter skelter bar hire Prices

As all events are different it is impossible to give a standard price for all events. For a quote please contact us and we will give you the best quoted for your event.

Frequently asked questions

Space needed to setup? 30ft W x 30ft L x 50ft H

Do you supply bar staff? Yes we supply bar staff unless you would like to supply your own staff but we will always need our own bar manager with the bar at all times.

Can the helter skelter bar be setup indoors? Yes we can setup in doors as long as the setup location is higher than 45ft.

Do you need power? Yes we need power but we will provide it our self with our super silent generator.

Where do you supply the helter skelter bar? We will supply the bar any event anywhere in the UK.