Hot Dog Cart Hire

Hot Dog Cart Hire In The UK

If you are looking for hot dog cart hire then look no further as we 100% have the best hot dog carts in the UK. Our carts are perfect for all kinds of events including weddings, private parties, corporate events and shopping centre brand promotions.

What makes our hot dog cart hire the best in the country is the bread we use which is freshly baked from a local baker the day before the event. Freshly baked bread is the tastiest you can get and it can not be faked.

hot dog cart hire

What Hot Dogs Do We Use

We use high quality boiled hot dogs with our hot dog carts just like they sell at the cinema and hot dog carts in America but if you would prefer to have different hot dogs this is something we can do for a little extra. There are many different types of hot dogs but over the years we have noticed the German hot dogs are by far the most popular and these are something we can offer you for your event.

Premium hot dogs available: Bratwurst | Krakheur | Krakheur with cheese | Cumberland | Plain English hot dog

The premium hot dogs are a little more cost as they have to be fried on a hot plate instead of boiled and are imported directly from Germany.

With our hot dog carts we can also supply fried onions as we know this is very popular with a lot of people. If you would like to add fried onions please let us know when booking.

What Is Included In The Hot Dog Cart Hire

When hiring a hot dog cart form Eddy Leisure we supply a high quality cart specially equipped to serve boiled or fried hot dogs depending on which you prefer.

Hot dogs you choose from the options above.

Large bottles of tomato sauce, mustered and German curry hot dog sauce.

Freshly baked bread made the day before the event for a local baker.

Staff/chef will be supplied to cook and serve the hot dogs to your guests.

We can supply our own power if needed but this is £50 extra. If you can supply the power we would need 2x 13amp wall sockets.

Hot Dog Cart Hire Prices

When looking for hot dog cart hire prices it is tempting to go with cheapest quotes but please keep in mind that cheap quotes also means low quality food.

Hot dog cart hire cost will depend on a few different factors, please see below on how we calculate the hire price.

1. Number of hot dogs served & type of hot dogs

The number of hot dogs served is a big factor as the more we provide the more it will cost us to provide the service. This is also the case with the type off hot dog you would like us to serve as the premium hot dogs are costly for us to buy as they are imported from Germany.

If you need us to serve a large amount of hot dogs in a small amount of time this is also a factor as we would need to provide more staff to serve the hot dogs.

To give you are a idea of how many staff we will need for the number of guests please see below.

0 – 100 servings = 1 – 2 staff

100 – 200+ servings = 2 – 3 staff

2. Length of serving hours

This is a another imported factor in calculating the hot dog cart hire cost.

The reason the length of time effects the total cost is because the staff are paid hourly so the longer the serving time the more we will have to pay our staff.

We can serve whatever times you prefer but we can normally serve your quests in 2 hours but if you would like to have more hours serving this is perfectly fine. All events are different so we will work with you to create the perfect serving times to suit your event.

3. Event times

The time of day effects the cost of the hot dog cart hire because if you are wanting a hot dog cart to serve past 10pm we will have to pay our staff extra for the unsociable hours. If the event is in to the early hours we might have to have over night accommodation for our staff.

4. Day of the week

The day of the week effects the cost as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the most popular days so we will need to charge or going rates, if your event is through the week we might be able to do the event cheaper for you.

5. Event location

The location is a big factor because the further we have to travel the more in will cost in fuel and also we have to pay our staff the longer they are out working.

We do have companies we work with across the UK so if we can not provide our services for your event we will be able to supply one of our trusted suppliers. If we do supply one of our suppliers we will always send you photos of the hot dog cart that you will be provided with before booking so you can confirm the supplier.

Food Carts Available

We have other food carts available if you would like a selection for your guests or a different type of food.

Food carts available:

Ice cream cart (scoop ice cream or mr whippy)

Doughnut cart

Crepe cart

Jacket potato cart

Burger cart

Candyfloss Cart

Hot drinks cart including tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Hot roasted chestnut cart

Mulled Wine (alcoholic or non alcoholic)

Contact Us For A Free Quote

If interested in any of our food carts please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Frequently asked questions

Do hot dog carts need power? We do need power from 1 or 2 13amp wall sockets. If you can not provide the power do not worry we can provide a small generator for £50.

Can hot dog carts be used outdoors and indoors? Yes the hot dog carts we provide can be used outdoors and indoors.

Do you provide package deals for multiple food carts booked? Yes we can provide a discount you would like to hire multiple food carts.

What locations can you provide hot dog carts? Because we work with companies all across the UK we can can provide hot dog carts anywhere in the UK.

Do you have an ingredients list you can send us? Yes we can send you and ingredients list and also we will supply one on the day for your quests to read if needed.