Punch Machine Hire

Punch Machine Hire

If you are wanting to entertain your quest with something fun our punch machine hire is perfect.

The punch machine will test how powerful you can punch, so way not line all your friends up and have a fun competition to see who can punch the hardest.

One of the best things is that a punch machine does not need a lot of space to entertain you quests and it can also be setup indoors or outdoors.

Punch machines have been around for a very long time now and they are still as popular now as when they was first manufactured.

We only hire high quality punch machines.

Please see photo below

punch machine hire
punch machine hire

Punch Machine Hire Price

As all events a different please contact us and we will send you a quote for your event. For a quote please send us the following: event dates, event times, event address, number of people attending and what you are wanting to hire for your event.

Frequently asked questions

Does the punch machine need power? Yes the machine with need a 13amp wall socket.

How long is the standard hire time? between 4 to 6 hours but we can hire as long as you want.

Can the punch machine be setup on grass? Yes the machine can be setup on grass.

Can the punch machine be setup outdoors? Yes it can be setup indoors and outdoors.

Will you deliver, setup and collect the machine? Yes we will and this will be in with the quote we give you for your event.

Punch machine hire locations

Punch machine hire locations: We hire punch machines in Bath. Bedfordshire. Berkshire. Birmingham. Bradford. Brighton and Hove. Bristol. Buckinghamshire. Cambridge. Cambridgeshire. Canterbury. Cardiff. Carlisle. Castleford. Cheshire. Chester. Chichester. Cornwall. Coventry. Cumberland. Derby. Derbyshire. Devon. Doncaster. Dorset. Durham. Durham. East Yorkshire. Ely. Essex. Exeter. Gloucester. Gloucestershire. Hampshire. Hereford. Herefordshire. Hertfordshire. Huntingdonshire. Kent. Kingston upon Hull. Lancashire. Lancaster. Leeds. Leicester. Leicestershire. Lichfield. Lincoln. Lincolnshire. Liverpool. London. Manchester. Middlesex. Milton Keynes. Monmouthshire. Newcastle upon Tyne. Norfolk. North Yorkshire. Northamptonshire. Northumberland. Norwich. Nottingham. Nottinghamshire. Oxford. Oxfordshire. Peterborough. Plymouth. Pontefract. Portsmouth. Preston. Reading. Ripon. Rutland. Salford. Salisbury. Sheffield. Shropshire. Somerset. South Yorkshire. Southampton. St Albans. Staffordshire. Stoke-on-Trent. Suffolk. Sunderland. Surrey. Sussex. Truro. Wakefield. Warrington. Warwickshire. Wells. West Yorkshire. Westminster. Westmorland. Wiltshire. Winchester. Wolverhampton. Worcester. Worcestershire. York. Yorkshire. This is just to name some but we cover all of the UK.