Table Huts

Outdoor Table Huts

If you are looking for outdoor tables for your venue or even garden our unique table huts are a perfect choice.

Originally our table huts was designed for our outdoor Christmas market events so our customers can enjoy our food and drink even if it is raining. With our table huts been so unique we are always asked if we will sell them so this is what we thought we would do. All our table huts are built by Eddy Leisure and are all handmade using high quality planed redwood for a premium finish.

Table Hut Photos

Table Hut Price & Sizes

Price: £799


Table: W 720mm x L 1800mm x 1090mm

Roof: W 2370mm x L 1845mm x H 2525mm

Folding & Removable Roof

Our table huts have been designed so the roof can be folded down so they take up less space when not in use our in storage. The roof is also removable to make them easy to transport or move on site.

Table Hut Wood Treatment/Stain Colors

As our table huts are built with planed redwood we have to treat them by hand but this gives you the opportunity to choose the color of the wood. Please see below for the colors we have available.

Contact form

If interested in our table huts please email or you can go to our contact us page and fill out the contact form.

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