Ferris Wheel Hire

Ferris Wheel Hire

If you are looking for ferris wheel hire then eddy leisure is here to help.

We Hire 2 types of ferris wheels the Traditional ferris and the large 35 meter ferris wheel please see below for photos and info on both.

Traditional Ferris Wheel Hire

Traditional ferris wheels are one of the original mobile ferris wheels and one of the original and well known funfair rides in history.

The traditional ferris wheel is very popular with weddings and corporate events as it gives the events a wonderful look and experience for all the quests.

The Traditional ferris wheel has 12 carriages and has the ability to seat 3 people per carriage.

The wheel is transported on 1 semi trailer and transported by lorry.

Setup is 5 hours and take down time is 2 hours.

Foot print needed for the traditional ferris wheel is 30ft L x 30ft W 45ft H.

Large 35 Meter Ferris Wheel

The large ferris wheel is an amazing choice for any large event as it can be seen from miles around and gives you unbelievable views when riding the large ferris wheel.

The large ferris wheel is also know as a giant ferris wheel and observation wheel.

The Giant ferris wheel most popular attended events is large festivals, town centres, shopping centres and large race track events. One of the reasons this type of wheel is popular for large events is because its ability to ride a lot of people at one time and also the amazing views from the height of 35 meters.

The Giant wheel has 24 gondolas with six seats in each gondola.

The Large ferris wheel set up time is 2 days and take down time is 1 day, it is transported on 3 articulated lorries and is setup with a crane provided by us.

Large giant ferris wheel hire prices start from £15,000

Children’s Ferris Wheel Hire

Children’s ferris wheel hire is a perfect way to give your children’s event the funfair theme without the price of the large ferris wheels.

The children’s ferris wheel is very popular with schools, kids parties and corporate events.

childrens ferris wheel hire

If you are interested in hiring any of our ferris wheels please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Ferris wheel hire price? As each event is different it is hard to give a cost, please tell us your event info and we will send you the best quote we can do for your event.

How long does the ferris wheel take to setup and take down? For the Traditional ferris wheel setup time is 5 hours and take down time is 2 hours. For the large ferris wheel setup time is 2 days and take down time is 1 day. The children’s ferris wheel setup time is 20 minutes and take down time is 20 minutes.

Ferris wheel hire locations: We hire ferris wheels in Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cheshire, Coventry, Derby, Derbyshire, Doncaster, England, Essex, Halifax, Harrogate, Hull, Lancashire, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Northampton, Nottingham, Oxford,Reading, Milton Keynes, Scotland, Sheffield, Stoke On Trent, Surrey, Wakefield, Wales, York, Yorkshire, this is just to name a few but we cover all of the UK.

Can the ferris wheel be setup on grass? Yes all the ferris wheels can be setup on grass. If the field is soft we also supply trackway hire so we can still get to the setup location.

What space is needed? The sizes of the Traditional ferris wheel is 30ft L x 30ft W 45ft H. For the large ferris wheel please contact us.

Do you need power? No we do not need power as we have our own super silent generators to power the ferris wheels and this is in with the price we will quote you for your event.

Will you attend events and charge no hire fee and charge the customers? Yes but only at events with 5000+ attendance or in popular town centres and shopping centres.

Why Hire from Us?

Because we are Affordable & Reliable.

When hiring from us you know you are hiring from a trusted suppler.

All our staff are trained and uniformed.

Eddy Leisure will never will let you down.

At Eddy Leisure we can supply anywhere in the UK

We have annual events we attend every year that proves we do our job to the best of our ability.

We hire more than just funfair rides. Take a look at our website to see what we can supply for your event.

If you are interested in hiring from us please contact us.

Ferris Wheel History

The original ferris wheel was in invented by George Washington Gale Ferris Jr in 1893 for the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

Intended as an attraction in the same manner as the 1889 Paris Exposition’s 324-metre (1,063 ft) Eiffel Tower. The Ferris Wheel was the Columbian Exposition’s tallest attraction, with a height of 80.4 metres (264 ft).

The Ferris Wheel was dismantled then rebuilt in Lincoln Park, Chicago, in 1895, and dismantled and rebuilt a third and final time for the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, where it was ultimately demolished in 1906.

Their specific production for travelling the fairs did not start until the mid-twentieth century with modest machines containing 16 cars, which were eventually scaled down to more portable 12 car versions.

Information source Wikipedia and the university of sheffield

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