Candy floss cart hire

Candy floss cart hire

If you are looking for candy floss cart hire take a look at our beautiful 1 of a kind candy floss cart hut.

Our Candy floss cart has be designed to be unique, classy and to be the most beautiful candy floss carts for hire. If you are interested in hiring more than one food cart, please take a look at our food and drinks page for prices and photos of everything we can supply you.

Our candy floss machine is the best high quality candy floss machine you can buy and is made here in the UK. By having the best quality candy floss machine we can server candy floss for the full event no matter how long and the candy floss machine will never over heat like the cheap pink candy floss machines you see for hire. Also we get a lot of feed back saying they think the high quality candy floss machine makes better candy floss and we agree.

The candy floss cart hut is very popular with weddings, parties, corporate events, brand promoting & promotions and shopping centres.

Please see photos below of our beautiful candyfloss cart for hire.

Candy floss cart hire prices

The candy floss cart hire is £350 for unlimited servings of candy floss on a stick for 1 to 3 hours and every extra hour is £75. We can serve approx 70 servings per hour.

If you are interested in our beautiful unique candy floss cart please contact us.

Additional costs may apply depending on locations.

Branding our cart

If you are looking for a candy floss cart to help with your brand promoting or promotion then we can help. Take a look at the photos below of the space available to add your branding. The branding needs to be on removable boards and can be stuck to the cart by using blue tack or double sided sticky tape.

Wedding candy floss cart hire

Our candy floss cart hut is very popular with weddings with its unique design and beautiful lights.

We also have matching cart huts so you can have a range of foods and drinks for your quests served from a beautiful mini hut.

Frequently asked questions

Does the candy floss cart come with staff to make and serve the candy floss? Yes candy floss will always with fully trained staff to make you your tasty fluffy candy floss.

Can the candy floss cart be setup indoors and outdoors? Yes our candy floss cart can be setup in doors as it is disassembles to be able to fit through doors. And yes it can be setup outdoors as the the roof is waterproof.

What power do you need? We need a standard 13 amp wall socket for power.

Whats is the candy floss ingredients? Candy floss is made from sugar and food colouring.

Where do you hire the candy floss cart hut: We hire the candy floss cart hut in Bath. Bedfordshire. Berkshire. Birmingham. Bradford. Brighton and Hove. Bristol. Buckinghamshire. Cambridge. Cambridgeshire. Canterbury. Cardiff. Carlisle. Castleford. Cheshire. Chester. Chichester. Cornwall. Coventry. Cumberland. Derby. Derbyshire. Devon. Doncaster. Dorset. Durham. Durham. East Yorkshire. Ely. Essex. Exeter. Gloucester. Gloucestershire. Hampshire. Hereford. Herefordshire. Hertfordshire. Huntingdonshire. Kent. Kingston upon Hull. Lancashire. Lancaster. Leeds. Leicester. Leicestershire. Lichfield. Lincoln. Lincolnshire. Liverpool. London. Manchester. Middlesex. Milton Keynes. Monmouthshire. Newcastle upon Tyne. Norfolk. North Yorkshire. Northamptonshire. Northumberland. Norwich. Nottingham. Nottinghamshire. Oxford. Oxfordshire. Peterborough. Plymouth. Pontefract. Portsmouth. Preston. Reading. Ripon. Rutland. Salford. Salisbury. Sheffield. Shropshire. Somerset. South Yorkshire. Southampton. St Albans. Staffordshire. Stoke-on-Trent. Suffolk. Sunderland. Surrey. Sussex. Truro. Wakefield. Warrington. Warwickshire. Wells. West Yorkshire. Westminster. Westmorland. Wiltshire. Winchester. Wolverhampton. Worcester. Worcestershire. York. Yorkshire. This is just to name some but we cover all of the UK.

Candy floss history

Several places claim the origin of cotton candy, with some sources tracing it to a form of spun sugar found in Europe in the 19th century. At that time, spun sugar was an expensive, labor-intensive endeavor and was not generally available to the average person. Others suggest versions of spun sugar originated in Italy as early as the 15th century.

Machine-spun cotton candy was invented in 1897 by dentist William Morrison and confectioner John C. Wharton, and first introduced to a wide audience at the 1904 World’s Fair as “Fairy Floss” with great success, selling 68,655 boxes at 25¢ (equivalent to $7.11 in 2019) per box. Joseph Lascaux, a dentist from New Orleans, Louisiana, invented a similar cotton candy machine in 1921. In fact, the Lascaux patent named the sweet confection “cotton candy” and the “fairy floss” name faded away, although it retains this name in Australia. In the 1970s, an automatic cotton candy machine was created which made the product and packaged it. This made it easier to produce and available to sell at carnivals, fairs, and stores in the 1970s and on.

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