Helter Skelter Hire

Helter Skelter Hire

If you are looking for helter skelter hire then eddy leisure is here to help.

Helter skelter hire is very popular with weddings and corporate events as it gives the events a wonderful look and experience for all the quests.

We hire 2 kinds of helter skelters the traditional helter skelter and the light house helter skelter, please see photos and info below on both types.

Traditional Helter Skelter Hire

The traditional type is square and is the more affordable option of the 2 as it is easier to setup.

The sizes of the helter skelter are 18ft W x 18ft L 45H

Setup time is appox 5 hours and take down time is approx 2 hours.

Helter Skelter Hire

Light House Helter Skelter Hire

The light house type is the most popular but does cost extra as it is much hard to setup and take down.

The sizes of the the light house is 30ft W x 30ft L x 50ft H.

Setup time is 1 day and the take down time is 5 hours.

Light House Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter Bar Hire

The helter skelter bar hire is a full size working light house helter skelter with a fully equipped bar at the bottom.

The bar is fully equipped to handle small and large amounts of people and is fitted with a hire output draft system.

When hiring the helter skelter bar you are hiring a fully working light house helter skelter + a mobile bar. If you are only wanting to use the bar and not use the helter skelter this is perfectly fine but the price will be the same.

If you are looking for a show stopping mobile bar, what can be better than a 45ft helter skelter bar. Nothing!

Helter skelter bar hire photos

Take a look at all the beautiful photos of the helter skelter bar below.

helter skelter bar

Helter skelter bar hire options

We offer 2 types of hire options for the helter skelter bar, please see info on both options below.

Free Bar

How it works:

Decide on what drinks you would like us to serve and how many and we will give you a quote for your event.

The quote will include the hire of the cottage bar, drinks, staff and our travel costs.

Our free bar can also been turned into a cash bar after the paid drinks have finished, if you choose to do so.

Free bar hire is perfect if you are wanting are cash free event.

Dry Bar Hire

How it works:

If you are organizing a event and wanting a beautiful unique bar then you can hire our helter skelter bar and serve your own drinks + the use of the helter skelter.

Frequently asked questions

Helter skelter hire price ? As each event is different it is had to give a cost, please tell us your event info and we will send you the best quote we can do for your event.

How long does the helter skelter take to setup and take down? For the traditional helter skleter Setup time is approx 5 hours and take down time is approx 2 hours. For the light house setup time is 1 day and take down time is 5 hours.

Can the helter skelter be setup on grass? Yes the helter skelters can be setup on grass. If the field is soft we also supply trackway hire so we can still get to the setup location.

What space is needed? The sizes of the Traditional helter skelter is 18ft W x 18ft L 45H and the light house is 30ft W x 30ft L x 50ft H.

Helter skelter hire locations: We hire helter skelters in Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cheshire, Coventry, Derby, Derbyshire, Doncaster, England, Essex, Halifax, Harrogate, Hull, Lancashire, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Northampton, Nottingham, Oxford,Reading, Milton Keynes, Scotland, Sheffield, Stoke On Trent, Surrey, Wakefield, Wales, York, Yorkshire, this is just to name a few but we cover all of the UK.

Can children ride a helter skelter? Yes they can but small children must be accompanied by a adult at all times.

Do you need power to set up? No we do not need power to set up.

Will you attend events and charge no hire fee and charge the customers? Yes but only at events with 5000+ attendance or in popular town centres and shopping centres.

What Is A Helter Skelter Slide

A Helter skelter slide is a traditional funfair ride.

The helter skelter as spiral stairs in the middle so you can walk to the top and then slide down around the outside of the stairs you have just walked.

To ride the slide you must first carry a sliding mat to the to of the slide by the stairs through the middle of the slide. When you get to the top you then place the mat on the slide, when you have done this you then sit on the mat with your feet on the front of the mat then put your hands on your knees and let gravity do the rest.

Why Hire from Us?

Because we are Affordable & Reliable.

When hiring from us you know you are hiring from a trust suppler that has been in the business for many years.

All our staff are trained and uniformed.

We never will let you down.

Eddy Leisure can supply anywhere in the UK and still be affordable.

We have annual events we attend every year that proves we do our job to the best of our ability.

We hire more than just funfair rides, you can hire everything you need from us so you do not have to use loads of companies.

If you are interested in hiring from us please contact us.

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Helter Skelter History

The term “helter-skelter” was first recorded in the United Kingdom at Hull Fair in October 1905, taking its name from the much older adverb meaning “in confused, disorderly haste”. Other recorded names for the slide include: Canadian slide, alpine glide, lighthouse slip, slipping the slip, and glacier slip.

It is hard to trace back the history of the helter skelter but from what we have researched we believe the light house helter skelter “the original slide” was crated to be at the end of a amusement park pier like Blackpool pier.

Information source Wikipedia