Crazy Golf Hire

Crazy Golf Hire UK

If you are looking for crazy golf hire or as some call it mini golf hire you have come to the right place. At Eddy Leisure we have the best crazy golf 9 hole courses for hire in the UK. If you are looking for a fun activity to entertain your guests there is nothing better than the crazy golf hire as it is fun for all ages.

Mobile crazy golf is by far one of our most popular hire items as it is a great way for your quests to spend time together and each game of 4 people will last 20 to 30 minutes so for the price the entertainment can not be beaten.

The main thing that makes our crazy golf hire the best in the UK is the build quality of our courses. Our courses have been hand made in England by our team at Eddy Leisure who are professional manufacturers of crazy golf courses and other items you can see on our website. The saying we have at Eddy Leisure is nothing but this best will do, all the materials we use to manufacture our crazy golf courses is the highest quality and you can tell this when you are playing our courses.

The crazy golf courses are water resistant so they can be setup indoors and outdoors and can be setup to suit all types of venue sizes and layouts. If you are unsure if you think you can accommodate a c razing golf at your venue all you need to do is send us some photos and sizes of the venue and we will calculate if we can setup in the space available.

crazy golf hire
crazy golf hire

What is included in the mobile crazy golf hire?

All 9 hole crazy golf hire comes with:

9 courses with fun obstacles on each hole
Large and small putters
Multiple golf balls
Score cards and pencils

Wedding crazy golf hire

If you are looking for wedding crazy golf hire in the uk then we have got you covered. At Eddy Leisure have crazy golf courses specifically designed for weddings with white obstacles including mr & mrs, wedding cake, church, love letters and mini Ferris wheel.

For your wedding we can even supply personalised score cards so you can frame them and keep them forever.

Crazy golf hire prices

The crazy golf hire cost depends on a few factors but prices start at £595, please see below on how we calculate the hire cost.

Setup Location

The setup location can be a big factor if we can not drive to the setup location as we would need more staff to help carry and setup the crazy golf course. Our courses are but to a very high quality and this also makes the heavy so if we have to carry the a long distance or up stairs we will need to charge extra.

Event Location

This is a factor as the further we drive the more it will cost us in fuel and also we we need to pay our staff for the time they are away and working.

Event Times And Dates

Times are a factor as again we will need to pay our staff for time they are working plus the extra use of the golf courses.

Dates effects the cost because on the most popular hire dates of year for example weekends and holidays we will have to charge our going rates but if it is through week (Monday to Thursday) or not on a Holiday we maybe able to charge a little less.

Multiple Bookings

This is a obvious one but defiantly worth mentioning. If you hire more than just the 9 hole crazy golf we will be able to give you a package deal so you will be paying much less.

Our best crazy golf offer is if you hire our 15m x 6m giant sand pit as we will supply the 9 hole crazy golf for free.

Frequently Asked Hire Questions

What surface do mobile crazy golfs need to setup? The crazy golf courses need a flat surface to setup and operate correctly.

Do you need power to setup the crazy golf? No we do not need power to setup or operate.

Can the crazy golf still be used in the rain? Yes you can still play the game in the rain as the courses are waterproof.

How long does it take to play the 9 hole crazy golf course? If you have teams of 4 it will take approx 20 to 30 mins to play all 9 holes.

Themed crazy golf course manufactures

We don’t just hire mobile crazy golf courses we also manufacture themed 9 and 18 hole crazy golf courses for shopping centres, holiday parks and entertainment centres. If you are looking for a new entertainment attraction for your venue one of our custom made crazy golf courses could be a great choice.

There are 2 ways we can supply you with a custom made crazy golf course, please see the options below.

1. Plain and simple we can sell you one. With this option you have complete ownership of the crazy golf course and you will keep all the revenue. The only down side to this is you will be responsible for the daily operating, insurance, hiring and training staff, daily and annual maintenance. We know first hand this can be a daunting task if you have not owned or operated a mini golf course before and if you would prefer for this to be outsourced then option 2 maybe for you.

2. With this option we can supply, operate and maintain the crazy golf course and we will give you a percentage of the profits. Depending on the location and venue we may need to charge a small installation fee to help with the with the setup costs. With this option we will also build a new website for the new crazy golf course so customers can buy tickets online if needed and  we will also advertise the new crazy golf course on social media platforms and other news outlets.

Which ever option you choose we will work with you to create a fantastic themed crazy golf course that will suit your venue perfectly. With our years of research we have seen the most popular themes are pirate crazy golf courses and dinosaur crazy golf courses but if you would prefer a different theme this is something we can do.

If you choose option 2 and we are operating the golf course we can add themes throughout the year for each popular holiday including Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Custom golf course prices

It is hard to give a price for a custom crazy golf course as there is so much to consider and this is why we would need a site meeting to calculate the size and options available. We can create small crazy golf courses for small areas our we can create large crazy golf courses with giants themed props, speakers with custom sound effects to add to the atmosphere, mini waterfalls, lakes and giant sand pits for the children. As you can now probably guess the possibilities are endless, it really just depends on the area you have available and your budget.

If you have an area you would like to transform in to a themed crazy golf course please do not hesitate to contact us.