Fairground rides for sale

Fairground Rides For Sale In The UK

If you are looking for fairground rides for sale you have come to the right place. The team at Eddy Leisure have been in the fairground industry from the very beginning so we work with all the fairground companies and manufacturers in the UK.

Finding the right fairground ride manufacture or the best quality used rides can be a very daunting task to someone who is not familiar with the industry and the rides them self so this is where we are here to help. We can source the rides you are looking for, inspect the rides if they are used and also buy the rides for you so we can make sure you are getting the best price possible.

If you know what type of rides you are looking for this is great news and step one complete but if you don’t do not worry as we can help find the perfect rides for your budget. Once we know what rides you are wanting this is when our work will begin and we will speak to all our contacts all across the UK + Europe and find the rides that are available for you.

Rides Available

If interested in any of the rides for sale please contact us for price and info.

How Much Do Fairground Rides Cost

Fairground rides can cost as low as £12,000 for example a bungee trampoline ride but they can go up to £1,500,000 for the large Ferris wheels.

There are loads of different types of fairground rides and the prices can be greatly different depending on the age and design of the ride. For example used average waltzer rides are approx £150,000 and are transported on 2 trucks but the new updated waltzer ride design that are transported on just 1 truck and is designed to need less costly maintenance is approx £650,000.

Fairground Ride Maintenance

If you already have fairground rides or theme park rides and are looking for a maintenance team eddy they can help. New and used rides are very complex and most of the time need specialised teams to diagnose problems and replace broken parts. The companies we work with can fix and maintain rides in 1 to 2 days that would take an unspecialised company weeks just to diagnose and that’s before before fixing the problem. Our teams will not just save you an incredible amount of money but will also save you lots of time.

Theme Park Rides For Sale

Theme park rides and fairground rides are the same rides but fairground rides are more complex to manufacture as they are designed to be mobile, this means they can be easily taken down and setup at another location. Theme park rides are manufactured to be setup at just one location, obviously the ride can be taken back down and setup at another location but the theme park model could take 6 days to do this as a mobile fairground ride could relocate in just 1 to 2 days. Fairground mobile rides are the most popular of all rides as they hold their value much longer because there is a bigger market for fairground rides than there is for theme park rides.

Fairground Games For Sale

We know it is difficult to find true fairground games for sale if you are not in the industry as it is a very small market and this is where we are here to help. We can track down used game stalls and games or we can work with our specialized teams to manufacture brand new fairground games for you. If you choose to have new stalls/games manufactured they can be themed to your own design to promote your brand or complement your venue.

Long Term Fairground Ride Hire

As you may already know sometimes buying rides is not always the best option if you do not have the right team to operate and maintain the rides. If this is the case you can hire fairground rides long term from 6 weeks to 12 months at a time from us. With this option you do not have to deal with the maintenance costs, staff training, annual testing and much more. If this is something you would be interested in please take a look at our fairground rides for hire page and see all the rides we can supply for you, all rides are available for short and long term hire.

fairground rides for sale
fairground rides for sale

Sell your equipment with us

If you would like us to sell your new or used rides/games with us please do not hesitate to contacts us.