Hiab Hire

Hiab Hire

If you are looking for hiab hire you have come to the right place.

Our Hiab lorries have the ability to move a large range of items, no mater the size or weight of the item we will always have a hiab lorry to suit you.

When looking for a hiab hire service we know it can be hard to find a trusted reliable professional company, but now you have found us the look is over. We work with companies and the public all across the UK and because we are affordable and professional we always have our client coming back time and time again.

What is hiab hire?

Hiab hire is the hire of a lorry with a hiab crane attracted to help you move, transport and mybe setup heavy items. All hiab hire from Eddy Leisure comes with a full trained and qualified person to operated and drive the hiab lorry.

Hiring a hiab lorry is also cost effective as you do not have to hire a crane and a haulage lorry as the hiab lorry is both of these combined, so this will not just save you money but it will also save you lots of time.


Below is some photos to show you what we can do with a hiab lorry.

Hiab Hire Cost

It is hard to give a price list for hiab hire as all jobs are completely different. If you fill out the contact form below we will send you the best price we can.

We try to be very competitive with our prices and we think you would find it very hard to find a quote cheaper than what we will give you for a professional service. If you do find a cheaper quote please email us the quote and we will beat it as we will never be beaten on price.

What affects the hiab hire cost?

Below is a list of factors that affects the cost of hiab hire.

1. Number of hours

Moving items and setting up items in one location:

We calculate the hours by how long it takes us to get to the location, time at the location and time to get back to our base.

Moving and transporting items:

We calculate the hours by how long it takes us to get to the pickup location + time to load items (we charge a minimum of 1 hour for loading and unloading items) + time to travel to the delivery location + time back to our base.

2. Location

Location is a factor as the more miles we have to travel the more it will cost us to provide the service, plus we have to pay our driver and operator more and also we have to spend more on fuel.

3. Number of items & sizes

Moving items and setting up items in one location:

This is a factor as the more items that need to be moved the more hours it will take to do so.

Moving and transporting items:

The more items that need to be transported the more space you will need on a lorry or truck. If you need a item moved that does not take up the full space of the lorry or truck we might be able to provide a ride share for you. A ride share is where another company is wanting to something transport something too the same area as your self so you can share the cost or the transport. If we can provide a ride share to your delivery location we will let you know when you email us for a quote.

4. Weight of item and hiab reach

These are a factor as this will determine what type of hiab you will need. The heavier the item and the longer the item needs to be lifted the more it will cost as these are more specialized hiabs.

Hiab Hire Cheap Quotes

When looking around for quotes for hiab hire please be careful of the cheap quotes out there. To achieve cheap quotes something has to be cut, for example maintenance costs so the lorry and equipment are not kept to the best quality or it could be the salary of the staff and as they say if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. This all adds up to providing a poor service.

Hiab Hire Quote

For a quote please contact us by emailing eddyleisure@gmail.com or you can go to our contact us page and fill out the contact form.

Frequently asked questions

Can a hiab lorry be used on grass? Yes we can operated on grass as we have large landing pads for our stabilizing legs to sit on so we do not damage the surface. If you are needing to protect the grass/field we drive on too we also can provide trackway mats, please see our trackway hire page for details.

How does a hiab work? A Hiab is a hydraulic crane that is attached to the back of a lorry. The hiab is controlled by a high tech remote control system operated by the trained operator.

Do you give discounts on multiple full loads? Yes If you are wanting to book multiple full trips we can give you a discount.

Are you tested and insured? Yes all the hiab lorries we hire are tested every 6 months and all are fully insured.

How is the hiab powered? The Hiab is powered by the lorry it is mounted too.

Hiab Hire locations

We hire hiabs in Bath. Bedfordshire. Berkshire. Birmingham. Bradford. Brighton and Hove. Bristol. Buckinghamshire. Cambridge. Cambridgeshire. Canterbury. Cardiff. Carlisle. Castleford. Cheshire. Chester. Chichester. Cornwall. Coventry. Cumberland. Derby. Derbyshire. Devon. Doncaster. Dorset. Durham. Durham. East Yorkshire. Ely. Essex. Exeter. Gloucester. Gloucestershire. Hampshire. Hereford. Herefordshire. Hertfordshire. Huntingdonshire. Kent. Kingston upon Hull. Lancashire. Lancaster. Leeds. Leicester. Leicestershire. Lichfield. Lincoln. Lincolnshire. Liverpool. London. Manchester. Middlesex. Milton Keynes. Monmouthshire. Newcastle upon Tyne. Norfolk. North Yorkshire. Northamptonshire. Northumberland. Norwich. Nottingham. Nottinghamshire. Oxford. Oxfordshire. Peterborough. Plymouth. Pontefract. Portsmouth. Preston. Reading. Ripon. Rutland. Salford. Salisbury. Sheffield. Shropshire. Somerset. South Yorkshire. Southampton. St Albans. Staffordshire. Stoke-on-Trent. Suffolk. Sunderland. Surrey. Sussex. Truro. Wakefield. Warrington. Warwickshire. Wells. West Yorkshire. Westminster. Westmorland. Wiltshire. Winchester. Wolverhampton. Worcester. Worcestershire. York. Yorkshire. This is just to name some areas but we cover all of the UK.