Ice Cream Van Hire

Ice cream Van Hire In The UK

If you are looking for mr whippy ice cream van hire you have come to the right place as we have the best ice cream vans for hire in the UK. The mr whippy ice cream we serve at Eddy Leisure is the highest quality and you will definitely tell the difference when you first taste our ice cream.

Why Our Mr Whippy Ice Cream Is The Best

Not a lot of people know but there are lots of different brands of mr whippy ice cream and when hiring ice cream vans a lot of companies will not tell you what they use because most of the time it is the cheapest on the market so they can increase there profits. You can always tell cheap ice cream as it is pure white and tasteless, the high quality ice cream has a creamy colour and tastes similar to the delicious Cornish scoop ice cream.

At Eddy Leisure we have a saying “nothing but the best will do” so we always use the best highest quality ice cream that tastes creamy and delicious. We guarantee you will 100% tell the difference from the cheaper brands.

Mr Whippy Ice Cream Vans Available

Please see below the type of ice cream vans we can supply for your event.

All the ice cream vans we supply have top of the range mr whippy ice cream machines so we can serve large amounts of people in a short amount of time if needed.

What Is Included With Ice Cream Van Hire

When hiring an ice cream van from Eddy Leisure we will supply a clean high quality ice cream van, high output mr whippy ice cream machine and trained polite staff to serve your guests.

If you would like us to serve more than just mr whippy ice cream please let us know. Items we can serve from our ice cream van includes hot & cold drinks, slushes, and a range of freeze ice creams.

Ice Cream Van Hire Prices

Ice cream van hire prices start at just £495 but prices can vary depending on a few factors, please see below on some of the factors that effect the hire price.

Number Of Ice Creams served

This is the main factor that will effect the price as we do not just need to buy more products to serve more ice creams, we may also need more staff to help serve depending on the number of ice creams and time we have to serve them.

Event Date

Event dates will effect the price because if you event is on a weekend or on a holiday with have to charge our going rates. If the event is through the we maybe able to do the event cheaper as we will be less busy and extra staff will not be needed.

Event Times

The times of the event effect the ice van hire price for a few reasons, please see below.

Inside ice cream vans the power is from the engine of the van so the vans engine needs  to be turned on all the time to keep the freezers cold and the mr whippy ice cream machine working. Do not worry about the sound from the engine running as the ice cream van engines are very quiet. If you would prefer not to have the engine running then this is not a problem as ice cream vans have an electric hookup point, so if you can provide the power we can leave the engine off.

The other reason time effects the cost is staff, the longer the event times the more we will have to pay our staff.

Event Location

Location effects the price as the further the event is from our bases the more it will cost in fuel. We also have to pay our staff more for the time they are working so the longer the drive the more we have to pay them.

We do work with suppliers all across the UK so if your event is out of our range or we are busy with other events we can still supply you with a high quality ice cream van.

Extra Items served

If you are wanting us to serve more than just mr whippy ice cream then this is something we can do. The extra items we can serve from the ice cream vans are slushes, hot & cold drinks, and range of freezer ice creams.

Multiple Bookings

If you hire more than just the ice cream van we can give you a package deal with the multiple items booked which in return will make the ice cream van hire cheaper.


For an accurate quote for your event please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Ice Cream Cottage Hire

If you are looking for something unique to serve your ice creams at your wedding, party or celebration then our beautiful ice cream cottage is a 1 of a kind. Our ice cream cottage can serve all the same items as the ice cream vans and even more if needed.

Our mobile cottage can also be used as a bar and can serve your quests with a range or alcoholic drinks including pims, champagne, beer, cider, spirits and mulled wine.

Ice cream cottage hire

Ice Cream Cart Hire

If you would prefer to have your ice cream served indoors we have our vintage ice cream cart that was specially designed for indoor venues. Even though the vintage ice cream cart was designed for indoors it can also be used outdoors if needed.

ice cream cart hire

We also have multiple different food carts available with the same traditional cart design.  Below is a list of food carts we can provide.

Hotdog cart
Doughnut cart
Crepe cart
Jacket potato cart
Burger cart
Candyfloss Cart
Hot drinks cart including tea, coffee and hot chocolate
Hot roasted chestnut cart
Mulled Wine (alcoholic or non alcoholic)

Ice cream van hire frequently asked questions

How long can i hire a ice cream van? We do not have a hire time limit, you can hire a ice cream van for as short or as long as you like.

Does do you need power? No we do not need power but if you can provide it we can leave the engine tuned of as this is where ice cream vans get their power.

Can ice cream vans operate on grass? Yes this is totally fine as long as the field is not soft from bad weather.

How many ice creams can an ice cream van serve per hour? The high out ice cream vans we supply can serve approx 150 to 200 mr whippy ice creams per hour.

Do you attend events without a hire charge? Yes we can supply ice cream vans and charge the public per ice cream. If you prefer this option we will need to know more information about your event so we can calculate if it would be possible for us to offer you this option.

How many ice cream vans can you supply? We can supply multiple ice creams vans if needed.

What space is need for the ice cream van to operate? We need 6m x 4m to park the van and serve the ice creams.

Do you supply ingredient lists for your products? Yes we can provide ingredient list for all the products we sell and we can also supply this on the day for your guests

Do you hire your ice vans for film and tv productions? Yes if you are needing an ice cream van for filming tv or films this is something we can do.

What areas do you cover with the ice cream van hire? We hire our ice cream vans in Bath. Bedfordshire. Berkshire. Birmingham. Bradford. Brighton and Hove. Bristol. Buckinghamshire. Cambridge. Cambridgeshire. Canterbury. Cardiff. Carlisle. Castleford. Cheshire. Chester. Chichester. Cornwall. Coventry. Cumberland. Derby. Derbyshire. Devon. Doncaster. Dorset. Durham. Durham. East Yorkshire. Ely. Essex. Exeter. Gloucester. Gloucestershire. Hampshire. Hereford. Herefordshire. Hertfordshire. Huntingdonshire. Kent. Kingston upon Hull. Lancashire. Lancaster. Leeds. Leicester. Leicestershire. Lichfield. Lincoln. Lincolnshire. Liverpool. London. Manchester. Middlesex. Milton Keynes. Monmouthshire. Newcastle upon Tyne. Norfolk. North Yorkshire. Northamptonshire. Northumberland. Norwich. Nottingham. Nottinghamshire. Oxford. Oxfordshire. Peterborough. Plymouth. Pontefract. Portsmouth. Preston. Reading. Ripon. Rutland. Salford. Salisbury. Sheffield. Shropshire. Somerset. South Yorkshire. Southampton. St Albans. Staffordshire. Stoke-on-Trent. Suffolk. Sunderland. Surrey. Sussex. Truro. Wakefield. Warrington. Warwickshire. Wells. West Yorkshire. Westminster. Westmorland. Wiltshire. Winchester. Wolverhampton. Worcester. Worcestershire. York. Yorkshire. This is just to name some of the areas but we cover all of the UK.