Temporary Theme Parks & Attractions

Members of the Eddy Leisure team have been organizing temporary theme parks & attractions for 50+ years. With this Knowledge and our hard working team we are able to organize and supply some of the best temporary theme parks and attractions possible for the space you have available.

Temporary theme parks or just 1 single attraction can be located from just 2 weeks up to 1 year, it is total up to you.

There are 2 ways we can supply a temporary theme park or single attraction for your venue.

1: We can create a package for the space you have available and hire you the full theme park/attraction and you will keep 100% of the profits. With this option we will organize the day to day operating of the theme park/attractions, including staff, ticket sales and maintenance.

2: We can hire the space from you for a fee we can discuss. With this option you are guaranteed a profit but we can only offer this option if you have a high footfall venue/location.

Temporary Attractions

If you are looking for just 1 or 2 attractions for your venue/location, we can supply a wide range of very popular mobile rides and attractions that will attract and entertain.

Take a look at some of the most popular attractions we supply below for long term and short term hire.